Badger setts to be lost if development goes ahead in SE Bristol, Gloucestershire.

A proposed development to turn one property with a large amount of land next to Siston Brook in South Gloucestershire into 7 new houses is open for consultation until 22 September . Read this local news story about the issue to find out more.

The area is a currently a haven for wildlife, and the ecology reports show there are badger setts on the site, with the developer planning to block all of them. Pictures on social media show that these setts are active & currently in use. It is also home to a large number of slow-worm and bats. Water vole and otter have been recorded in the adjacent brook.

This is rampant over-development at a sensitive location and epitomises how wildlife is being erased plot by plot when better locations exist. You can comment and object to this planning application until Friday 22 September here, and we would encourage you to use this opportunity to give badgers and all the other wildlife present on site a say in this planning decision.