83,000 badgers to be killed 2019 – 2020?*

Bovine TB is a cattle disease epidemic in England. A hugely expensive  compensation crisis has been created using public finances. 25 years of confusion over the science of bTB testing, lax cattle restrictions and movement control are proliferating the disease. Lack of appropriate research together with epidemiological misunderstandings and mistakes has resulted in a dysfunctional government policy, where ill-conceived practices have frustrated solutions since 2011.

The blaming of badgers for bTB spread is a significant part of the issue. It is a distraction resting on weak field trial data – a completely unsafe platform for policy. Welfare and conservation charities have spent considerable effort challenging the policy and legal challenge has helped stop culling in Wales. But the emergency continues to escalate, with over 67,000 mostly healthy English badgers shot in England since 2013. Sustained legal effort is needed to stop the useless, often cruel and damaging badger cull, alongside policy reform.

The Badger Crowd was formed in 2017 to challenge bad process and procedures surrounding the badger cull. The Badger Crowd is a voice for the public, and with the help and support of individuals and organisations, it is seeking  justice for badgers, wildlife, farming and the tax-paying public.

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* Link to parliamentary question stating “….it is estimated that about 150,000 badgers will have been culled by the end of 2020.”