Since Defra announced its consultation on ‘evolving’ badger cull control policy’ on 14th March, solicitors have been instructed to write to Defra requesting further information. The Badger Crowd view is that the consultation is flawed because it misrepresents its own, and other published science and evidence, and we seek urgent clarifications in order to be able to respond. Also, a large amount of essential information is missing in order to make informed response.

On Monday April 1st, a crowd fund was launched with CrowdJustice to cover the legal costs of investigating the legal aspects of this consultation. Our fundraising target was reached by April 11th and the fundraiser has now been closed. Thank you very much to all who have supported. If we are advised by our legal team that we have good grounds to seek a Judicial Review, we will need to launch another fundraiser to cover the costs of this.

Work is being undertaken with and alongside very many other wildlife groups and trusts (including Born Free, Wild Justice, Badger Trust Sussex and Badger Trust) and several generous individuals who have supported Badger Crowd’s work in the past. Protect the Wild are also backing our efforts and Extinction Rebellion Nature Group too. We are coordinating our approach with Badger Trust and Wild Justice who are similarly engaging lawyers to request information which should be made available before any such consultation could fairly, properly and lawfully take place.

If you would like to make a personal donation to the Badger Crowd legal work, then Badger Trust Sussex will accept donations and can reclaim gift aid.      

Further information will be provided as the case progresses.

Thank You!