Badger Cull Consultation Advice

There is now just a little over a week left to comment on the Defra consultation on what it wants to do next to badgers in the name of bovine TB control in cattle. As you probably know, the consultation is inaccurate and very badly justified.  Consultation responses must be in before the end of Monday 22nd April. You can find the 40 page consultation document  here.

You can respond to the consultation from Defra’s link at the bottom of the consultation page. However, the questions are loaded in favour of a U-turn to allow endless widespread badger culling, contrary to the promises of the Defra policy direction in March 2020. If you do not want to follow this limited survey, you can send your own a personal comments on the consultation to bTBengage@defra.gov.uk

If you do this, be sure to read the consultation carefully and make your views known.

What are other organisations saying?

Protect the Wild as an organization are calling the whole thing a sham and not fit for a response for a range of reasons that you might like to read:

  • See here
  • They have a petition here signed by over 8,000 people in just a few days.          

Legal eagles Wild Justice are doing a poll of views on certain aspects to follow up legal letters to Defra. They are running a questionnaire about the Defra consultation. This needs to be responded to TODAY 15th APRIL. You have to answer a few initial questions, then read the consultation and finish the questionnaire – it takes about 20 minutes.

Legal letters sent to Defra by Badger Crowd and Badger Trust & Wild Justice have not been responded to promptly, and responses are likely to be made one working day before the consultation closes. This is all part of a ploy to railroad one of the biggest decisions in the history of badgers in five weeks only. Based on loaded language and cause-arguing designed to mislead. The way this is being handled is disgraceful and a new low point for Defra. It is hoped that they will withdraw the consultation this week, as common sense dictates. We cannot rely on this however.

Don’t forget to ask any organisations that you support what they are doing about the consultation. A joint statement by the main NGOs is anticipated in the days to come. This is late in  the day, but the complexities of the misinformation and short consultation period  are all part of normalising a cruel, illogical, unscientific and needless shooting of badgers.