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Is it time to kill the badger cull? According to new research, the badger cull isn’t working. Wildlife journalist James Fair takes a look at the science. BBC WIldlife Magazine by James Fair, 25.04.2022.

New peer-reviewed scientific paper published March 18 2022:
Langton TES, Jones MW, McGill I. 2022. Analysis of the impacts of badger culling and cattle controls on bovine tuberculosis in cattle in the high-risk area of England, 2009–2020. Vet Rec 2022;e1384.

Modelling killed the badgers, by Tom Langton, 18th January 2021. Ecologist.

Is DIVA bovine TB test a breakthrough?, by Tom Langton, 9th September 2020. Ecologist

Out of the Woods?, by James Fair, article in BBC Wildlife, Vol 38.
BBC Wildlife vol 38, Spring 2020.

Badger Meddling, by Tom Langton, 5th November 2019. Ecologist.
Guest blog – Sorry Tony, you cannot spin this into a good news story for Natural England, by Dominic Woodfield, on Mark Avery’s blog, 13.09.2019.

Does the badger cull spell trouble for ground-nesting birds? by James Fair, Ends Report, 30 May 2019.
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Threat to badger culls across England as legal challenge mounted by campaigner, by Abi Kay, Farmers Guardian, 17 May 2019.

Natural England’s call for badger cull evidence an ‘absolute nightmare’, by Rachel Salvidge, Ends Report, 13.05.2019.
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Farmers are set ‘impossible task’ over risk to birds from badger cull, by Helena Horton, The Sunday Telegraph, 12.05.2019.
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Natural England censured by the High Court, by James Fair, BBC Wildlife, May 2019.
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Badgers, bTB and SSSIs, by Sue Everett, British Wildlife, April 2019.
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Judge says Natural England failed to assess impacts of badger cull on birds in SSSIs, by Rachel Salvidge, 15.03.2019. 

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A bovine TB black-and-whitewash?, An in-depth analysis of Sir Godfray’s Bovine TB Strategy Review, by Tom Langton, 4th December 2018. Ecologist.

Guest blog for Mark Avery – NE, Badgers and Judgement, by Dominic Woodfield, 24.09.2018.

Judicial review – a blunt tool for badger protection, by Carol Day, Wildlife Link, August 2018.
Guest blog for Mark Avery – Whither Now for State Nature Conservation? by Dominic Woodfield, 09.07.2018.
Government faces High Court challenge over ‘disastrous’ badger cull, in landmark case, by Jane Dalton, 08.07.2018.
As the state is dismantled, who will save Britain’s wildlife? by George Monbiot, 04.07.2018.


Article in BBC Wildlife magazine, by James Fair, July 2018. Campaigners have taken out a Judicial Review against Natural England, which questions the processes that the public body followed in relation to the badger cull. 

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Lies, damned lies and twisted statistics – fake science set to kill 100,000 English badgers, by Tom Langton, 13th April 2017. Ecologist.

Bovine TB summit: science based policy, or policy-based science?, by Tom Langton,  7th April 2017. Ecologist.

Bovine TB Part II: rotten data, dodgy science, bad politics, by Tom Langton, 18th May 2016. Ecologist.

Dodgy data, bad science, rotten politics: why the badger cull is wrong and stupid, by Tom Langton, 28th April 2016. Ecologist