This General Election, please campaign locally to help STOP the badger culls.

It’s just three weeks until polling day for the General Election. We need badger supporters to step up once again, and  to alert parliamentary candidates to the ongoing outrageous badger culls. There are two things to do:

Firstly contact your constituency candidates and ask them if they will stop the culls, if they are elected. You can find out who they are here. The Green Party have said they will stop badger culling, and Labour say they will “work with farmers and scientists on measures to eradicate Bovine TB, protecting livelihoods, so that we can end the ineffective badger cull”.  Please ask them all what their plans are and make sure they know that all forms of culling should stop from July 5th, with all existing licences revoked.

Secondly, please try to attend hustings. These are the political meetings that are held locally in your constituency, where you can meet your candidates, supply relevant information and ask them questions. Find out  where and when the hustings meetings are and make every effort to attend. Click HERE for access to a leaflet that can help give you guidance with facts about badger culling, carefully prepared by a team of dedicated badgerists from around the UK. You can print it out double-sided on A4, then guillotine in half to make A5 leaflets. (You may have to print on one side of the paper first, then reload it in the paper cassette the other way up & run through the printer again).

Good luck in your constituency. We hope newly elected MPs will be caring and compassionate and understand that on badger culling, much science has been questionable or misrepresented to promote badger culling.

We must stop the Cruel, Expensive culls. They Just Don’t Work.